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                Video Processing/Transmission/Presentation/Convergence with professional and secure solutions & services.

                Video Processing Core Platform (EMR 4.0)

                  • Product Introduction

                    Sumavision EMR4.0 – Elastic Multimedia Router is the latest generation of Sumavision EMR series media integrated processing platform. It is leverage as the radio and television core processing platform + data communication platform, integrating communication network and broadcasting network technology, perfect for high-speed exchange application and video processing business. The platform has a unique video control system to meet 10 Gigabit video processing and switching requirements. It supports multiple scrambling systems such as DVB and DRM, and powerful computing capabilities to support business virtualization deployment. 

                  • FPGA + DDR4 design speed up the processing performance, 8 SPF+ high-throughput on front panel, and additional 10-GbE modules gives users massive data-exchanging options. Over thousands of programs multiplexing, encryption, and switching under layer-3 protocol.

                  • Features

                  • • IP and ASI I/O interfaces, easily incorporated into existing head-end systems. 

                  • • MPEG re-multiplexing, including PID remapping, prioritizing and filtering, PSI/SI tables insertion and generation. 

                  • • 8 x 10-GbE on front panel or 4 modules on rear panel, up to 1,000 TS and 2,000 multiplexing and scrambling services.

                  • • Support CAS, BISS, and DRM security protection mode, including DVB-CSA1/2, BISS-1/E, AES-ECB/CBC encryption. 

                  • • Management port 1+1 redundancy.

                  • • Hot-swappable dual redundant power supplies.


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